We see a community of God’s beloved embracing His invitation to BE WELL


In the neighborhood surrounding Madison and Hall we will extend God’s invitation to know Him and in knowing Him to BE WELL. We strive for a community that bridges cultural, racial, and economic differences encouraging and strengthening one another towards spiritual and physical health.

Because we believe:   

God the Father loves us

Jesus our Lord died and rose again for us

The Holy Spirit comforts and counsels us

We are called by God to:   Act justly and do justice

Love mercy as He loves mercy

Walk humbly and intimately with Him

We value:   

God first

Our fellow human beings as His highest creation and image bearers

Worship in honor of our worthy God

The Bible as His word to us

Prayer in faith as powerful

Wellness because our bodies are His temple




Collaboration: All of these demonstrating God’s heart

Laughter together as it demonstrates God’s joy

We will:

Invite people to come together to classes and meetings and also meet one on one to address fitness, nutrition and pursuit of physical and spiritual wellness.

Maintain an affordable and accessible facility for exercise and meetings.

Provide opportunities for exercise, cooperation and responsibility that empower and enable people to manage their health and lives.

Collaborate with Madison Square Church and organizations that are working in the neighborhood to better serve together. Further we will build relationships with missionaries, churches and friends internationally to work together inviting people to BE WELL.

In everything we do witness to our loving and invitational God who has a plan to bless.